To the top! Summiting Morne Blanc in Seychelles

The first time I visited the beautiful cluster of islands called Seychelles was in 2013 – for my honeymoon. I’d wanted an island getaway, not too far off, and wowsome. We were suitably impressed from the beginning, though the immigration and customs officers were a little too poke-nosey. Looking back though it was understandable that we got some scrutiny given that we had sufficient bags to stake out the island for years! The missus was relocating immediately after the wedding and we didn’t want to do another trip back to Nigeria just for the luggage, so we just brought everything along! Pretty sure the guys were convinced we were moving in…

Talking about moving in, who wouldn’t want to? The approach to the airport takes you over the stunning Eden Island development. Just check out this picture below I took from the plane. Aquamarine waters, red roofs, and docked catamarans? I was ready to move in right there and then!

Eden Island from the sky

The Eden Island development from the sky

When you escape to an island you expect to see a lot of beaches, stunning glorious beaches. That’s a given. And Seychelles doesn’t disappoint.

Noir - it's stunning, even when you bleed off the colour.

Noir – it’s stunning, even when you bleed off the colour.

The one thing I didn’t really think about until I saw them are the mountains. You see, I’ve always imagined islands as these flat pieces of gently undulating land terminating in beaches and then the sea. Imagine my surprise when just outside the airport all I can see is a giant mountain covered with a lush forest dominating the view – and it’s pretty much the same wherever you go on the islands. You either get a sea view, or a mountain view. Usually both. Continue reading