Some 30 odd years…

30 is an odd one…

Not because it is the first even number to start with an odd number (that occurred to me yesterday), but because I can’t quite decide what to do with it.

You see, when I reached the magical age of 10, that was easy to place. I was transitioning from single digits to double digits. I had now done a decade, I was not “just a kid” anymore. I’d soon become a teenager, and all that…

And what about 20? Easy. Gone are the teen days. Bye teenage years, hello young adulthood and the likes.

So what does 30 mean?

I’m still figuring it out. I’ve got a couple of days to go, so maybe I’ll have an epiphany. Or maybe I won’t. This 30 is an odd one.

Somethings are clear though, like increased responsibility and the fact that I now have co-travelers in my boat. Hello @eclectictope. Hello #tantan.

Also clear is the fact that by most standards I’m now fully an adult. Hence the beard! I can also look back at the 30 odd years and clearly see two pivotal things that shaped who I am today. Fellowship, and education.

Fellowship – with other young people, brought together by belief, and faith. TOM Club. Believers’ Love World. The Rock Foundation. Covenant Christian Center. HolyHill. Where we prayed, and grew. Where we made mistakes, and learnt. Where we organized, toiled, lost sleep, and developed. A young person can associate with so many different types of groups, face so many different types of peer pressure. I’ve been fortunate that the pressure was positive, and kept me from exploring so many paths that may have brought ruin. Thank you Jesus!

Education – forced down my throat till I began to enjoy it. Thanks Dad! Thanks Mum! Thanks all the wonderful teachers who led me down new paths of discovery. I loved science. But maths? Not so much. One teacher changed that and forever empowered me with a skill-set that has brought so many rewards over the years. Economics? What’s that? Until one teacher told me quite plainly “your results are average in this subject simply because you don’t care?” That term the only question I missed was the one I didn’t answer. Today, The Economist is the only magazine I have a subscription to. What’s my point? Education is so serious we all should be doing more to make sure that those who lack it the most get it.

So while I’m figuring, I’ve decided to do something slightly different this time. I’ve always supported my “fellowships” so this time I want to make a small donation; to a charity, or school, any body that’s working to expand the reach of education to those who are by circumstance most likely not to get it – the indigent, orphans, migrant communities, displaced peoples. Rather than spread myself thin, I’d rather give to one body. But I don’t know which, so I need your help. If you can send me a short note on who I should donate to, what they do, and who the primary contact is, I’ll take it from there.

There are many ways to reach me but easiest will be to leave a comment below or, send me a tweet (@bhary0ur).

So share, comment, and reach out. I’ll inform everyone who I decided to go with in the end, and you’re free to chip in as well to amplify the impact. God Bless You.


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