We are Nigeria!

Muhammadu Buhari with ballot paper before voting in Daura, northern Nigeria, on Saturday. Photograph: Ben Curtis/AP. From The Guardian

This is not a long winded post. The last two days I’ve been glued to my screen watching the election results with rapt attention. Now that they are here, let me say congratulations to the President-Elect Buhari and thank you to President Jonathan for giving Nigerians a chance to exercise their democratic rights. Looking at the two charts below, 2011 vs 2015, it is clear that the people have made their voice heard. The difference is clear, particularly more so because it’s the exact same two candidates. This ability and willingness to express our views through the polls is what democracy is all about. For this I am ecstatic. No doubt there is a lot of work to be done, like the folks at the Guardian said “expectations are high and it will be easy to disappoint”, but for now I’m off to continue my celebrations (as much as I can with the constraints of my present quarters!)


2011 Election Results – Image from Wikipedia.


2015 Election Results – Image from Wikipedia.

God Bless Nigeria!

N.B. I have nothing but utmost respect for Professor Jega. Kudos!


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