Mama: an introduction.


Let me introduce you to this woman

Let me introduce you to the nuturer

Let me introduce you to the teacher

The first lessons started before I was conscious

“You don’t stop pushing till you succeed”

And that’s how you delivered a 9lb baby!

30 years later the lessons have not stopped

“Education is key, it’s everything”

I never missed a fee, or a textbook, or tuck shop money

We never got a chance to miss school and it shows!

“If you love, you will give. Even if it hurts” Looking back it’s ever more clear how much you give

Apologies for bouts of ingratitude, it was childish stupidity

“Talk is cheap, put your money where your heart is”

I can’t count how many of my projects you’ve funded

From Lego to my first overspeced PC, to a community library

“If it needs to be done, stop making excuses, just do it”

That’s how you got your degree with honours in a university in the another city

Despite a full time job, three kids, and a husband!

“Drive is key. Starting is important. Don’t overthink it”

I remember the bolekaja rides into the wild to lay foundations

And figuring out how to deal with poultry waste in an urban setting

It wasn’t too much fun then, but I look back and smile. I get it now.

I guess what I’m trying to say is from the very basic sense of it

Everything I am is undoubtedly linked to this woman

From the point when she delivered me yelling into the world some decades ago

To this day when we celebrate her as she clocks 60

Perhaps the most important lesson is the one she continues to reinforce to this day

“Never stop praying, or believing. Pronounce those blessings non-stop. Especially over the ones you love”

That is why any time I call Mama I know exactly how it will end

With prayer, and blessings. With pronouncements of grace unlimited

So, today we bless you mum, and we bless God for you

We appreciate you for all you’ve given

May you live long, may your health remain strong “E pe fun wa”

Happy Birthday Mama


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