Blitz Series: Overtaking


I took a long road trip over the weekend guided by the disembodied voice from Google Maps as my main company.

“At the roundabout, take the first exit and continue on the Accra – Cape Cost Road.

It was a journey of many firsts for me and it was far more enjoyable than I expected it to be. But this post was not about the journey as much as the random thoughts that crossed my mind along the line. Here is one of them.

It’s the average speed that matters.

On many occasions I was passed by vehicles going at what seemed like 4 times the speed limit (50km/h. haha), couple of minutes later we almost always ended up trailing each other because there was a holdup, a toll gate, a slow moving truck climbing a hill, you get the picture. Extrapolate that and we all probably spent approximately the same time on the overall journey give or take a few minutes. What we didn’t all do though is go through the same amount of risk in achieving that result, and perhaps there is a life lesson in there for this fast paced world.

It takes a few seconds to end up in a situation where you never get to the destination at the sort of speeds I was seeing, especially since these were single carriage roads we are talking about. A little less speed and the risk is majorly reduced for a negligible (in the long run) change in performance. And for me this was something that particularly resonated. Now without doubt the high speed drive is a lot more fun, I know cos I used to be one of those guys. Maybe I’m just getting old…


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