Guest Post: Is The BridePrice App Sexist?

This one belongs to the class of “too much ado about nothing!” I personally found the app hilarious, and I think the aim was a lighthearted spin on a cultural practice with little and largely symbolic relevance today. This post is along those lines.

But some people don’t think so, and maybe rightly so. If you find a strong article from the “other side” please direct me to it.


Remember my friend, Omo Baba Printer? Well, we were discussing the new brideprice app that just went viral and some of the negative reaction to it. So I asked for a quick post.

Below, unedited


Bride Price Brouhaha
Since the infamous brideprice app went viral, many people have complained that the entire concept of Bride Price, even in a humorous or satirical form promotes the objectification of women as objects to be traded.  I understand why they think so. But I disagree, here’s why.
Dowry vs Bride Price
Many confuse the two, but a dowry is paid by the bride’s family to the groom’s family while a bride price is paid by the groom’s family to the bride’s.  The lesser known dower is made by the groom directly to the bride herself, not her family.
In countries like India, where Dowry is common, this was due to the…

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