Blitz series: the case for expedited services…

NOTHING in Nigeria goes for the right price.


Ok. Let me rephrase.Most things in Nigeria, especially public services, don’t go for the right price. That’s a double-edged statement in the sense that I’m saying they are not properly priced to start with, and we don’t even get to enjoy or utilize them at the stated price. So when you go in to get that International Passport, or Driver’s licence, or whatever.. you end up paying multiples of the stated price either to get the standard service or a slightly quicker turnaround time. Which leads me to the question?

“Why not price the bloody things appropriately in the first place? Or if we need to maintain the affordable sensibilities, why not define standard and premium services so that we don’t keep lining pockets in NIS or FRSC as they have already created these classifications?

Here are a couple of cases where I think everyone will benefit if standard expedited services exist:

  • Passports, IDs and Licenses: some people don’t mind waiting some weeks to get these. Others want it yesterday.Let’s have different prices for both categories and let people choose the level of service they want. We’ve already demonstrated these things can be ready a lot faster than the advertised timings. Formalize it
  • Airport check-ins: there is already a line for premium customers that stays empty 90% of the time. Especially on local flights. Sell it and earn extra revenue. If you wanna skip the queue, part with some extra cash. Some people already do it, but they give the money to the “guys on the ground” who make it happen. Close the leakage and trap the extra revenue.

I’m sure there are many more cases where this will work. Let me know some of the other ones that cross your mind.

Note, the idea here is not to excuse the generally poor service we get when consuming public services, that’s a separate issue. The point I’m drawing attention to here is that there is clearly a desire by a subset of customers to get things faster. Let give them what they want and bring in the (bribe) money to the official purse.


2 thoughts on “Blitz series: the case for expedited services…

  1. ……. if I may comment: “if we bring the bribe money to the official purse”…. I wonder who is in charge of the official purse, if not those that can afford to give the bribe money…?.. I consider this a case of the rich oppressing the average not even the poor….. God help us.. what is good is obvious and what is bad is likewise… Let us just learn and try to do the right things all of the time and Nigeria will be a better place.

    • Balo! Thanks for your comment. But what I was referring to is like this – instead of paying a random guy a couple of thousands for expedited check-in, you pay that when buying the ticket and check-in directly through the Business Class line. Airline makes more money, you pay the same amount but get your speedy check-in, business class line gets better utilization, there is less incentive for random guys to hang around the check-in desk looking for harried and hurrying customers…

      I don’t see any increased “oppression” beyond what is already happening. But instead of funding corruption, we would be meeting an existing need in a formal way.

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