Waiting… In Gidi

Introduction: I’m not a poet. At least not in the standard definition of the word. But every now and then lines play around in my head that cannot be composed as an article and they end up as stuff like what I’m sharing now. I wrote this originally in 2009 (it’s on FaceBook somewhere), and it was written entirely in the back of a car in traffic. It was inspired by the sisi eko mentioned in the first paragraph who was a random chick I found myself staring at as our car moved slowly along Ajose Adeogun. She was last seen waiting on a BRT queue.

Has traffic improved in Lagos since 2009? In my short visits since then I get the feel that it has, somewhat. What’s it like for you? Sound off in the comments.

With one hand to prop her back,
Appeasing the throes of lumbago
The swagger was gone
Earlier today she’d have been extremely hot to look at
Classic “sisi eko”
But right now she’s just tired
Waiting for the BRT
She just wanna get home

The honks of a thousand angry horns
Eyes flicker wide open
The endless line of red has retreated a fraction
He’d been sleeping; lost in the action
Earlier today he was just another bobo
Driving a posh car
But right now he’s just tired
Waiting for the lines to move
He just wanna get home

Helmet squashed on her head
Handkerchief protecting hair and ego
She inhales the dust, snorts down the fumes
Earlier this week she had said “never again!”
Bags dangling, back straight, thighs hurting
Waiting for the zoom
That says once again she’s on the move
She just wanna get home

But still we’ll come
Drawn by promise
Held by hope
Gidi swells to absorb the hordes
A governor toils to make it work
And maybe one day it’ll be better
But right now, the need for a piss, heralds a hiss
I’m too tired to ponder
Waiting for that soothing relief
I just wanna get home

This is Las Gidi!


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