So I (finally) decided to do this blogging thing!

“It’s been a long time coming. I’ve always written every now and then – usually when I have a bunch of thoughts, or a concept, swirling round in my head. After a few days, sometimes weeks, of this agitation I usually grab a keyboard and type away, giving expression to my thoughts and finally exorcising the demons (I use the term lightly, y’all shoud chill). I find the process of writing akin to some kind of release. The very fact that I’ve put the thoughts down in writing forces me to structure them, to present them in a form others can access, obtaining some kind of closure along the way. It also sometimes opens up a discourse, something I’m hoping this blog will generate… eventually.

It’s been a while since I wrote though. Partly because of work (I’ve been crazy busy), and partly because I’ve fallen out of sync with Facebook – my original platform for sharing my thoughts. Looking back, it’s amazing how important that platform was to me a couple of years back. Right now it feels like an address book, an organizer, a place where I catalouge my contacts and access them as needed. I can also keep in touch when necessary, but it has lost the compelling ability to make me update my status, upload new albums, and all the other stuff we used to do on there. But I digress, this is not about my love for Facebook waning, it’s about how I finally came to do this (blogging) thing and what I think this blog will be about (don’t hold me to what comes next).

“Baba mi. Agbolohun bi agba. O kaabo”

My grandma used to welcome me with statements like this back when I was in Primary School. It loosely translates as “welcome, my father. He who speaks like an adult.” I have managed to convince myself that she referred to me like that because of my innate maturity and remarkably composed speech. However my ruthless debating mind tells me there might be a simpler explanation – something to do with the decibels of my voice rather than the maturity of my speech. But I choose to believe what I choose to believe. Leave it like that. Anyway, there you have the origin of the blog’s name. It’s a pet name from my Granny (God rest her soul), whatever deeper meanings there are to the word were not instrumental in the choice.

So here’s what I hope to achieve. First is release. I hope to start writing again and this is my way of telling myself to go for it. I believe people should use whatever giftings they might possess because that use is how we get better, how we share, how we inspire other people step up and do as well. In other words, one day some Shakespeare will rise and say, “if this rambling Bayo can have a blog, I can write a masterpiece.” Second is discourse. I will post a variety of things and will also invite others to post on here. I’m hoping to generate conversations on a bunch of issues. For sure Nigeria will feature at some point because I’m crazy about her. But this is not a political forum, the conversation will be wide and varied – much like the interests of this blogger.

There you have it. There’s my first post done. I wasn’t sure where this was gonna go even as at the time I sat down to write this. But here we are, it is what it is. I hope as I write and share on here you get something out of the time you invest to read. Please feel free to comment and to share the posts freely, let’s get those conversations started. God bless you.”


3 thoughts on “So I (finally) decided to do this blogging thing!

  1. Congrats and welcome to the blogging world bro..well, some of us do not have the guts to start putting our thoughts in writting yet. But through such platforms, we can all share what there is to share. Glad to know your is no specific content i can know i can find anything and everything..all the very best. Keep em’ posts coming..

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